Hello. My name is Stephanie Oliver. And I’m a Realtor. I have over 17 years in the real estate industry.  And what that looks like is not just driving clients around to homes, and opening doors, or just sticking a sign in the yard, and crossing my fingers…but helping them to accomplish their goals.  I walk them through the process, step by step, while providing guidance, education, and protection.

Over the years I have worked alongside some of the top Brokers and on top teams in California, handling both multi-family and residential properties.  This has given me an opportunity to learn how to be pro-active against pitfalls that can hinder escrow, have a plan in place, create winning offers, and sharpen my negotiation skills.  But why have I stayed in the real estate industry for so long?  Well, early on in my career I realized that helping people is one of my greatest passions.  It is one of my favorite things ever to be able to make the phone call to let my buyer client know that they have won the home, or my seller client know that all contingencies have been removed and they can begin packing.  I am grateful just knowing that I had a part in getting them to the next chapter of their lives.  And, I love that we can claim a little piece of this Earth for ourselves.  A place we can call our own.   A place we can make memories, to raise families.  It’s where we create our story.  It is a place of meaning and it’s meaningful.  I learned this from my dad, who was in real estate since before I was born, yet it took me years to truly figure out how special it is that our home, our space, is a significant meaning in our life and our life story.  And my passion for real estate and values still match those of my father.

 Beyond a love for everything real estate, and a quest to always become more educated and a better human being, I have a love for tech.  I am constantly learning new ways to use tech to amplify my efforts to care for and serve my clients.  While most other agents are doing their marketing the old fashioned way, the latest tech enables me to provide a better quality of service than ever before. What we have available today intensifies marketing, advertising, and service capabilities, and it boggles my mind why agents continue just using the tools and practices from when I started in this industry over a decade and a half ago!

I feel that so many agents out there are truly under-serving their clients, and I’m guessing that you feel the same.  Do you wonder what you are paying for half the time? And since this is a pain spot of mine, I set out to utilize the latest and most exciting technology (getting on social media platforms where everyone is, such as Facebook and Instagram), as well as professional photography, staging, and video, to combine with customized, lighthearted, and prompt service.  My desire is to create the just-right blend of people and tech.

Our aim is to go above and beyond what other agents are doing, and knock your socks off.  We know that this means hard work, yet produces happy clients and referrals of friends and family. We invite you to be part of our mission. We want you to be our client.  Let us serve you.

After all, we want to be part of your story, too.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you to reach your goals, feel free to contact me. I offer informative buyer consultations, and for sellers I provide a market analysis for your home, at no cost. Be sure to check out my social media posts, @connectwithSMO, and I look forward to hearing from you!