Selling your home can be intimidating process that is fraught with uncertainty, especially if you don’t have the guidance of an experienced realtor.  Are you worried that you will be inconvenienced for longer than desired, with your home sitting on the market without offers?

Being a certified Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA), I know how to price your home so you get the most out of the investments you’ve made. I know how to market your home so the right buyers are looking at it, and I know how to negotiate the final contract so you can be satisfied when you walk out of your front door for the last time.

Beyond a love for everything real estate, and a quest to always become more educated and a better human being, I have a love for tech.  I am constantly learning new ways to use tech to amplify my efforts to care for and serve my clients.  While most other agents are doing their marketing the old fashioned way, the latest tech enables me to provide a better quality of service than ever before. What we have available today intensifies marketing, advertising, and service capabilities, and it boggles my mind why agents continue just using the tools and practices from when I started in this industry over a decade ago!

I feel that most agents out there are truly under-serving their clients, and I’m guessing that you feel the same.  Do you wonder what you are paying for half the time? And since this is a pain spot of mine, I set out to utilize the latest and most exciting technology (getting on social media platforms where everyone is, such as Facebook and Instagram), as well as professional photography, staging, and video, to combine with customized, lighthearted, candid, and prompt service.  My desire is to create the just-right blend of people and tech.

Virtual tours, attractive yard signs, and effective social media marketing all work together to cultivate buyer’s interest and draw them to your front door.  Yet before all of this comprehensive marketing campaign happens, I will provide an in-depth pre-listing “suggestions list”, to set the stage to have your listing shine to active buyers.  Coupled with proper and competitive pricing, and prompt follow-up and communication, you will see why my system has sold homes within two weeks, and for more than asking price.