7 Tips for Making Your Move a Stress-FreeProcess

Stephanie Oliver
Published on November 14, 2022

7 Tips for Making Your Move a Stress-FreeProcess

Moving to a new home is an exciting experience. You will enjoy living in a brand-new house, meeting new neighbors, and taking advantage of the fantastic amenities nearby. But that happens only after you’ve moved. You have a lot to handle before relocating, which is the most challenging aspect. It would help if you took care of everything, from packing your goods to obtaining the necessary transportation to carry those possessions to your new home. In addition, you might need to find a buyer and sell your old home while moving to your new one. If you’re wondering how you’ll manage things, don’t worry. It’s possible, and we know how! Here are some valuable tips for making your move a stress-free process.

  1. Make a plan
    Planning ahead of time is the key to being organized throughout your relocation. Therefore, make a schedule. This schedule guarantees you enough time to hire movers, find storage, or reserve a rental truck and pack with plenty of time to spare. At the same time, having this schedule can help reduce the emotional and financial stress of relocating, avoiding difficulties later on. For instance, you will know precisely when to start staging your home if you fit it into the schedule from the beginning. At the same time, to stay organized with your move, you can make a checklist. Write down each task you need to do and on which day you need to do it, so you don’t forget anything. Here are some examples:

One month before the move:
● Notify your landlord that you are moving (in case you are renting)
● Change your address and notify utility suppliers
● Redirect your mail
● Declutter your home
● Arrange for a babysitter for the moving day

Two weeks before the move:
● Pack your belongings
● Pay all the remaining bills
● Make your travel arrangements
● Clean the property

  1. Declutter your home
    Clearing outdated, unwanted, or useless objects before moving will save you time, stress, and money. How? First, reducing the number of items you need to move from one place to another makes your job easier. There is less to pack, less to carry, and less to worry about. At the same time, you won’t need a big truck to move your belongings. Less stuff means a smaller car, thus a smaller fee and fewer work hours for the moving crew. As a result, before you start packing anything, remove all the clutter. Go from room to room and be objective when choosing what to do with your items. Sentimental belongings that have no use have no room in your new home.
  1. Get enough packing supplies
    Making your move a stress-free process is much easier when you have enough packing supplies. Therefore, ensure you have lots of cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, packing tape, string, and a scissor. If you need to pack fragile items, buy bubble wrap, stretch wrap, and packing peanuts. Get markers for writing on boxes or use labels to keep everything organized. At the same time, cover your bulky items with moving blankets and furniture coverings to avoid damage to your goods or home. That will protect objects from scuffs, dents, and other damage. Also, don’t forget to use moving straps, mover bands, and tie-downs to keep everything together during transport.
  1. Keep important documents within reach
    Make a file or set aside a box for important documents such as house deeds, insurance, wills,
    and passports. Before relocating, keep this box somewhere you won’t lose or forget about it.
    Label it correctly so you can find it immediately after moving into your new home. You may also scan crucial papers and keep them in your email or cloud storage for future reference if you misplace the originals.
  2. Ask for help You may feel overwhelmed if you have to juggle your work, kids, selling your home, and moving all at once. As a result, ask family and friends for help. Friends can help you sort and pack your belongings and carry them to the storage unit you rented or your new home. Family members would be great in helping you with babysitting the kids, caring for your pets, or cleaning the house. On the other hand, you can make the whole moving process much easier by hiring movers. Local moving in LA can be challenging, so it might be better to trust the pros with this task. If necessary, experienced movers can assist you with packing, carrying, storing, transporting, and unpacking your goods. Your move will be a breeze with the right experts on your side.
  1. Prepare your new home
    Suppose you have access to your new property before you leave your old one. You are in luck. That is a great advantage since you can start preparing the home without having the added burden of unpacking. Therefore, make the needed upgrades and renovations, for example, before you bring in your stuff. In addition, when you don’t have to work around boxes and furniture, deep cleaning flooring and windows are much more straightforward. So prepare the house before moving in to make things more manageable and less stressful.
  1. Pack a bag for moving day
    When you’re packed and ready to relocate to your new home, it might not be easy to find
    particular items you need immediately. Therefore, pack a bag for moving day and the first night
    or two in your new house. Here is what the bag should contain:
    ● Toiletries
    ● Change of clothes
    ● Medication
    ● A blanket
    ● First aid kit
    ● Phone chargers
    ● Water, tea, and coffee
    ● Snacks
    ● Pet items (litter box, leash, food, water, and bowls)
    ● Credit cards and IDs

Final words on making your move a stress-free process
As you can see, making your move a stress-free process is not that hard, especially if you follow these tips. Therefore, plan everything in detail, create checklists, declutter, and ask for help when you feel overwhelmed. In the end, you might realize that this move brings more benefits than you thought. After all, you will have the opportunity to begin a new life in your new house, leaving behind anything that does not belong there.

This article was contributed by Jenny Madsen, who is a writer and blogger based in Los Angeles. She loves to explore the world, create her projects, and share her findings, as well as writing hacks that will make moving more manageable, less stressful, and a lot more affordable.

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