Home improvements that add value to your home

Stephanie Oliver
Published on June 7, 2021

Home improvements that add value to your home

If you plan to move this year, you might be interested in knowing about the home improvements that add value to your Los Angeles County or Orange County home. There are several things to do before listing your home for sale, and considering how you can better your chances of selling your home for a good price is undoubtedly one of them. 

Don’t all home improvements add value to a home?

You might be thinking that any home improvement is an improvement nonetheless. However, it is not all the same which home improvements you introduce to your home. Indeed, there are some generally sought-after home improvements. But, in some cases, some renovations may not be suitable for your property or the given real estate market. 

For instance, minor kitchen remodels are likely to raise the value of your home regardless of these factors. In contrast, building an outdoor pool on a non-luxury property is typically not a profitable move. 

That is why you need to do your research to identify and avoid remodeling projects that can lower the value of your home. Also, you might even want to consider getting an appraisal to find out what exactly raises the value of your home. So, seeking counsel from an experienced listing agent is another way to gauge the most wanted home renovation projects for your property type. Nevertheless, we will discuss which home improvements are most likely to appeal to home buyers in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, to help you get a general overview of home improvement trends in the area.

(Sliding) Glass Doors are the Way to Go

If you’re aiming for a more lavish kitchen, one home improvement that can add value to your home is glass doors, both the sliding and regular kind. Sliding glass doors, on average, raise the value by 7.7% than the listed price. This puts glass doors number one on the list of sought-after home improvements! People love natural light.

Glass doors are usually associated with balconies and terraces. However, you can also install them in the hallway or kitchen to make the space appear more spacious and inviting. Glass doors are also very stylish but never too stylistically personalized or intruding. 

Another tip: it would be best if you always tried to declutter and depersonalize your home for sale. Having too much of your personal belongings, furniture, or colors that scream you is not a suitable home selling strategy. You and the homebuyer might have completely different stylistic preferences. Therefore, be sure to avoid personal touches of any kind as they might considerably lower the home’s value.  

Hence, this simple innovation is guaranteed to impress prospective homebuyers. In addition, it is not that expensive in comparison to other kinds of home improvements.

(Minor) Kitchen Remodel 

As we mentioned, you cannot go wrong with a kitchen remodel. You only need to determine how much to invest. Even a minor kitchen remodel can cost more than $20,000, which is certainly not an insignificant sum. However, this remodel has a high ROI. You can expect to recover as much as 78% of your investment, plus have the benefit of selling more quickly. 

Also, more costly kitchen renovations might even have a lower ROI. Therefore, a kitchen remodel should aim to refresh the surface areas rather than buy brand new appliances or execute comprehensive overhauls of the kitchen area.

Make inexpensive functional and stylistic changes to your kitchen

Something as simple as painting the walls with low-VOC paint (that is, environmentally friendly paint) or changing the faucet can noticeably improve the overall impression your property leaves on prospective buyers. You may also change the light fixtures to make the kitchen look nice and clean. Kitchen remodeling does not have to be lavish to be successful. In fact, you can have the kitchen all spruced up while keeping the expenses at a minimum.

Bathroom renovation

Bathrooms and kitchens are among most profitable home improvements that add value to your Los Angeles and Orange County home. There is more good news – they are relatively easy to spruce up. 

In fact, homes that have two separate bathrooms are fourth on the list of most lucrative home improvements. They come right after more upscale home features such as a main floor master bedroom and a driveway. However, integrating an entire bedroom into your home is really difficult and costly to do. Not to mention time-consuming. 

Furthermore, bathrooms are one of the rooms that usually undergo scrutiny in showings. It is relatively easy for the new homeowner to arrange the bedroom to their liking. However, bathroom renovations are much, much more challenging to do. This is precisely why they are greatly appreciated (and paid for) by homebuyers.

Yet, homes fare best when they have not one but two bathrooms (or one half-bathroom). So, if you are choosing between remodeling the existing bathroom or adding a new one, no matter how small it may be, then it is better to construct a new one and leave the renovation of the old one to the new owners


Blinds are not as profitable as the home innovations mentioned above are, but they are among the home improvements that add value to your home nonetheless. To be exact, houses that have blinds are sold for 3.1% over the listed price. So, if you are getting the windows replaced to improve insulation, consider adding blinds to ensure future residents’ privacy (and shade).

This informative article was contributed by Lindsay Denton, who is a writer that specializes in real estate, remodeling, and home improvement content.

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