Home Sales Can Be Safer During COVID-19: Here’s How

Stephanie Oliver
Published on January 20, 2021

Home Sales Can Be Safer During COVID-19: Here’s How

Here at Ferguson Realty, we know selling a home tends to be a big task, no matter when or how you take it on. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a long to-do list to keep your family safe and indulge potential buyers at the same time. Fortunately, you can protect everyone’s health with these tips.

Know Your Market

No matter when you decide to sell, understand the local market before you list. In many places, the pandemic has had an impact on the housing market, especially in the way you can show your home to potential buyers. However, what happens in the next six months depends heavily on how the coronavirus behaves, and it’s anyone’s guess which way it will go.

Adjust Your Décor

Keeping your home tidy and show-ready during this time involves additional precautions. Fortunately, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and other means of sanitization are an understandable part of your home selling prep. They’re also vital if people are visiting your home for in-person tours. Of course, making coronavirus home décor work for you takes a bit of planning — and maybe some creative ways to hide the Purell label.

Skip In-Person Tours

While a giant tub of sanitizer is a smart move, skipping in-person tours is an even better prevention strategy. Fortunately, many buyers are open to — or even prefer — digital tours when searching for properties. Plus, checking out a 3D walkthrough, like one made up of property photos from every perspective, can help a potential buyer narrow down their options. Do know, however, that most buyers will want to be present for the physical home inspection, and there are expectations that everyone present will follow COVID-safe protocols.

Set Your Rules and Guidelines

If you decide to have showings in person, outline your specifications ahead of time. Of course, you would avoid attending yourself, and by connecting with a skilled and dedicated realtor, like Stephanie Oliver of Ferguson Realty, you will get guidance on how it all works, per current Health and Safety guidelines. When your realtor does arrange tours, you can be sure that they will, again, ensure that visitors follow rules to ensure everyone’s safety.

Here are some guidelines you should follow:

  • Only two visitors inside the home with the agent at any time
  • No touching surfaces beyond doorknobs, as necessary
  • Use hand sanitizer upon entry
  • Wear shoe covers while touring, if applicable
  • Put on a mask while on the property, an absolute must

It’s still recommended that you wear a face covering and maintain a six-foot distance from others in public. Therefore, asking prospective buyers to adhere to these rules shouldn’t be a rule breaker.

Have a Prep Routine

Whether your realtor is hosting tours by appointment or you’re offering virtual glimpses into your home, prepping the house is essential. Cleaning up clutter, removing personal items from view, and boosting natural light are all helpful for in-person and video showings. Doing these things before taking real estate photos can be hugely helpful for your sale, too.

Don’t Forget About Staging

You might think that staging isn’t a concern at this point, especially if the real estate market is still hot in your area. But would-be buyers still want to see the home’s potential, and be able to envision themselves living there, which means some staging is necessary to showcase the property’s best features. If you feel overwhelmed at the idea of staging, it can be worthwhile to work with a professional interior decorator, and you don’t have to overspend. Your agent will recommend a couple of great options for partial to full staging, to fit any desired look and budget, and you can then zero in on the best candidate who can help you make your space shine. 

Make a Safe Move

Once you sell your home, moving to your new place becomes the next challenge. And while moving is different during the pandemic, you can take steps to protect your household. For example, having a contact-free move is now possible, thanks to companies that organize everything remotely before movers show up. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or set limits to avoid spreading germs during your move. 

Getting ready for a home sale during the pandemic can be frustrating and time-consuming. But with these tips, you can feel more prepared for the adventure. And, you can remain safe and healthy while taking care of business.

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