How You Can Transform Your Home Into a Tidy Sanctuary

Stephanie Oliver
Published on May 27, 2019

How You Can Transform Your Home Into a Tidy Sanctuary

When our homes are full of stuff, they can be hard to navigate and negatively impact our lives. That’s why we should make every effort to organize our houses and keep them tidy. It’s easy to be overwhelmed, so here are some ways you can start the process and stay on track.


Decluttering and tidying go hand in hand. After all, once you’ve lightened your load, it’s easier to stay organized. Of course, going through our possessions can be a challenge, especially when we’re attached to what we have. It’s sad to let go of stuff we once cared about, but these items can clutter up our environments. To ease the pain of parting with our possessions, make a formal goodbye and take photos of what you cannot keep. This way, you’ll always have the memories that these objects inspire. Then, when you’re done with one room, start tidying up by creating dedicated spaces for items based on where they are used. For example, keep your journal and pens by the bed or at your desk and your scissors near your sewing station.I

Improve Storage

If your home lacks space, the best approach you can have is to improvise. Take your bed, for example, which could store belongings, either in decorative trunks, boxes, or collapsible bins. Or, if you are on a budget, a wooden crate can be painted to double as an ottoman. Likewise, vertical shelving in the kitchen is a great storage solution if you lack cupboards or a sizable pantry. So, wherever possible, add shelves on walls, hang things, and add doorless cabinets to get what you need out of your home.C

Clean It Up

Often, our belongings are perfectly useful and in decent condition, save for a few stains. Luckily, even smudges that have set can be worked on with the right ingredients. For clothes, rinse the inside of the garment with cold water to try and force the stain out. Often, white fabrics may need a combination of bleach and water, whereas those with color require an alternative, such as an alcohol and water solution. Always check the label to see what you need to avoid, and read online guides about specific stains, like ink or tomato sauce, for the best results.

Develop New Habits

Now that everything is decluttered and organized, it’s best to get the home clean once and for all. Unfortunately, this requires developing new habits to practice every day. While you could take on the whole house over a weekend, you will end up losing much of your free time that way. Instead, break up your chores with little daily tasks so that you do not lose your Saturday or Sunday. Dishes and laundry may need to be done every other day, but cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming can be done once a week. Just make sure you work from top to bottom, as this keeps everything clean once you move on.


To avoid needlessly adding to landfills, it’s important to use what we have around the house. By decluttering, you have an opportunity to transform what’s lying about into something useful, helping you to also save on money and waste. For instance, picture frames without stands can be cleaned up and used as serving trays, and rusted tools or silverware could be painted and turned into coat hooks. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, look online for inspiration, as upcycling is growing as a movement all over the world.

It can be intimidating to get started, but by taking things room by room, you can make this process manageable. Decluttering is the best way to turn our homes into healthy environments. Set aside a bit of time, and get your property into shape.

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