The Best Way To Organize your Kitchen when Moving House

Stephanie Oliver
Published on April 25, 2021

The Best Way To Organize your Kitchen when Moving House

There’s nothing worse than living out of boxes and suitcases, especially when it comes to cookware!

Make sure you get off on the right foot by reading this guide to organizing your kitchen when you move.

Prepping for the Move

Of course, moving house is the best time to throw away that old junk.  Who wants to lug that old broken pan to another place so it can sit at the back of the cupboard for another five years.

Plan a trip to the tip as part of your move and chuck your junk.

Yet think about the cookware you have.  Some cookware, like cast iron, is built to last forever.  But other cookware might only last a few years.  Perhaps now is the time to change it?

The Key – Zones

The key to all of this is to think in Zones.  A zone for cookware, an area for appliances, a spot for cutlery.

As long as you respect your zones, things will always be in the right general area.

And the best time to set up zones is when you move house.

Before you start unpacking, ideally even before moving day, plan out your zones.  Think about what will go where and whether it will fit.

Kitchen Cabinets

The main thing with kitchen cabinets is to ensure that the most used items are near the front and accessible.

Some people like to hang their cookware outside, perhaps over the stove, but that isn’t for everyone.

If you prefer to keep your cookware in your cabinets, then there are lots of options:

  • Nesting cookware will save loads of space.
  • You can hang your cookware inside the cabinet itself.
  • Some people recommend dividing big drawers into vertical compartments to fit the cookware.

Under the Kitchen Sink

Under the sink is the area people most forget about.  If you’re not careful, it can become an undesirable overflow area where you dump things you don’t know what to do with.  (Things you probably should throw out.)

How to deal with that?  Well, firstly, remember the zones rule.  What items do you want to put under the kitchen sink?  Nothing else is allowed.

The space can indeed be a little awkward, what with the pipes and everything.  Yet, there is an easy way around this: storage containers.

Simply uses containers to keep everything under the kitchen sink tidy and packed aware.  As you can stack the containers, this usually means you can create more space.


Cutlery definitely belongs in drawers.  And you have one of those little plastic inserts that lets you separate the different pieces of cutlery, right?

That’s what’s keeping your cutlery tidy, so why not see if you can find something similar for your utensils and other pieces you keep in a drawer?  Something to divide the draw up – this way, you can create “sub-zones” and keep things that go together in the same place.


There are three schools of thought with countertops:

  1. Those who like to keep their countertops completely clear
  2. Those who like to keep frequently used items and appliances on the countertops
  3. Those who use their countertops for beautiful cookware (such as enameled Dutch ovens)

I’m sure you know what school of thought you fall into.  Countertops are the most important of the zones.  This is because keeping items in the right place on them is the difference between messy and tidy.

So whatever rule you choose, follow it.  Don’t allow anything else on your countertops; otherwise, they risk quickly becoming a giant mess.


Out of sight and out of mind.

That’s the problem with most pantries; they become a giant collection of things of date items.

Whatever happens, please don’t take expired food with you when you move house!

Yet once you’ve moved, you should also avoid keeping expired food in your pantry.  Have regular clearouts of your panty, or perhaps the whole kitchen.  Get rid of things you don’t use (sell them), throw away broken cookware, and chuck out-of-date food.


A new house is a time for a fresh start.  You can begin as you mean to carry on by making sure your kitchen is organized from day one.
If you’re looking for more tips and information on keeping your kitchen organized, then check out the original article here.

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