We are a pro-active team. We don’t wait passively for things to happen. We go out and make them happen.

If it’s winning the home that works best for your needs, getting the best price possible on your investment, or being provided with heavy tech and innovative strategies that are proven to sell homes quickly and for more money, then we should chat. 😉

I offer informative consultations, and Sellers receive professional staging up to $5,000, digital home tours and marketing, as well as a single-property website, all included in our package. In addition, our “pre-launch” activities are designed to seed the marketplace, optimize for SEO, and position the property for the best possible impression right out of the gate. Ask me about my Seller marketing plan!

My free consultations with Buyers get down to the WHAT and WHY of investing. Along with my exclusive Buyer Plan Of Action, which helps to take the searching and frustration away and speed up the time that it takes to find a home, as well as increase opportunities of finding off-market properties, you’ll see the difference and wonder why there are not many agents out there that are taking this same pro-active approach. And you’ll definitely want to know about our VIP Program!

Contact me for information about how we do things differently.

It’s real estate, simplified!